Rapid T1 Deployment for Bell Alberta Cellular Launch


Bell_logo_lg “The forecasted delivery dates for our leased lines meant there was no way we could meet our schedule commitments. We approached Vista who promptly proposed a positive solution including unlicensed wireless backhaul that could be deployed and re-deployed quickly.  The Vista team really came through for us and delivered every system on time and at a good price point.”

Steve Miholic,
Manager - Implementation,
Bell Mobility


Vista Telecom Networks was tasked by the Bell Mobility Transport Group to supply Unlicensed Microwave Solutions to interconnect new cell sites that were affected by delays in new leased line facilities being delivered by service providers.


Vista Telecom Networks provided complete design and integration services including the lease of complete microwave systems (radios, antennas, transmission lines, and miscellaneous equipment), donor site selection, microwave path design and engineering services, and full installation and commissioning services.  Vista selected the Western Multiplex (now Proxim Wireless) Tsunami radio system offering the capacity of two T1’s.  30 complete hops of equipment were leased to Bell Mobility  and the equipment was deployed nearly 50 times across Alberta over the launch period of the new Bell Mobility Network.


This project provided numerous benefits to Bell Mobility.  Vista assumed full responsibility for the entire temporary T1 facilities requirements.  Sites that were going to experience delays were identified along with the date connectivity was required; and with that information Vista Telecom Networks identified donor sites, engineered the microwave paths, selected the equipment, and fully installed and commissioned the system, providing Bell Mobility the required T1 capacity ON TIME in every case.  The selection of the Tsunami Radio platform provided significant flexibility and cost savings to Bell Mobility.  No Microwave Licenses were required so the equipment could be deployed anywhere it was required at a moment’s notice, and when permanent solutions were ready the radio and antenna systems could be immediately decommissioned and redeployed in other locations; allowing Bell Mobility the opportunity to maximize returns on their capital expenditures.  Overall this project ensured that T1 facilities were never a cause of delay for the turn up of new cellular sites during the critical launch phase of the Bell Mobility Network in Alberta, as a result the Bell Canada Presidents award was awarded to the Bell Manager responsible for selecting and tasking Vista with supporting the T1 facilities required for the Network Launch in Alberta.

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