TELUS Microwave Backhaul for Alberta HSPA+ Network Launch


telus_lg “We were very pleased with how Vista managed the aggressive schedule we had. Their COR certification was critical, allowing them to access sites where other suppliers could not. The Vista team was dependable and professional - an excellent partner who enabled us to launch our 3G+ network in Alberta in record time.”

Joe Theberge,
Director Wireless Implementation West,


In October of 2008 Vista Telecom Networks was approached by TELUS Alberta and requested to be a key partner in building the Microwave Backhaul Network for the TELUS HSPA+ Launch in 2009.


Vista Telecom Networks provided expanded man power services and infrastructure to support TELUS Microwave Network Build Requirements across Central and Northern Alberta. Vista provided visual line of site confirmation, antenna and transmission line supply and installation services, radio installation and testing services, civil engineering (mount design and engineering services), and project management services to support TELUS. Once the equipment specifications were finalized, Vista was required to install 20+ space diversity hops and 45+ microwave hops total.


Vista rapidly expanded its capabilities to support TELUS requirements, including ramping up manpower, equipment, tools, warehousing and expertise to specifically address the needs of TELUS. As TELUS' project related timelines continued to shrink while Vista’s scope increased, Vista acquired the capabilities to deliver services to meet TELUS' aggressive completion schedule, including the addition of skilled labor, equipment and infrastructure required to support the tower antenna installations. At the request of TELUS, Vista hosted Ericsson training courses for all of TELUS' technical installation partners as Vista’s Test Lab had the DC Power and Test Bench facility required for hands on training. Vista purchased the TELUS specified EXFO FTB200 Ethernet Test Gear that facilitated the testing per the exact TELUS testing specifications, and acquired multiple sets of Path Aligner orientation tools which allowed Vista to provide orientation services for the 50+ microwave hops allocated to Vista as well as some hops allocated to other installation partners. Vista's safety program, which is COR (Certificate of Recognition) certified by the Alberta government, was also critical in allowing Vista to be the only TELUS installation partner that could access a number of TELUS sites that were governed by some strict Oil and Gas Safety Policies (Syncrude, SUNCOR and others). Vista Telecom Network's value added services and high level of commitment to partnering with clients resulted in Vista playing a pivotal role in TELUS being able to launch their new 3G+ services early.

Ongoing Partnership

Since 2009 and Vista's participation in the TELUS Holborne Project, Vista has continued to expand our services to TELUS. Vista is a TELUS preferred contractor for Microwave installation work, installing Microwave Backhaul for new sites and temporary COW locations for festivals and community events. Vista also participates in TELUS network capacity projects and new LTE builds across Alberta.

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