Pengrowth Private Wireless Network for Newly Acquired Geographically Disperse Facilities


Pengrowth Logo “Vista has proven to be an extremely valuable partner for us. The Vista team understands the importance of gaining cost efficiencies while delivering a highly reliable network for its clients. We feel confident when working with Vista because they are committed to helping Pengrowth achieve success.”

Don Ind,
Senior Network/Security Analyst,
Pengrowth Corporation


Pengrowth Corporation required broadband connectivity for newly acquired rural Battery Sites and Production Facilities, located all across Alberta. Project challenges were compounded by tight timelines, including a deadline to transfer from the previous owner’s networks to the Pengrowth Network within 90 days. Severe financial penalties for failing to transfer the network traffic were included in the site acquisition agreements.


Vista Telecom Networks was tasked with identifying multiple potential Axia SuperNet locations that could provide fibre backhaul options for 4 new areas of production for Pengrowth. The scope included path engineering for the required microwave hops, spectrum selection, microwave licensing, the design and supply of tower solutions, full microwave and antenna system supply, and system integration and testing under tight times lines.

Vista identified viable Axia locations to provide 10 Mbps full duplex fibre connections to be extended to the Pengrowth facilities. In locations where 5.8 GHz unlicensed spectrum was available Proxim GX32 (16 Mbps Full Duplex) radios were selected.

Olds, Alberta - The unlicensed spectrum was crowded by Internet Service Providers co-locating on the SuperNet tower, a DragonWave 11 GHz solution was selected and installed on an existing Pengrowth tower, and spectrum was reserved.

Iddelsleigh, Alberta - Pengrowth’s Jenner Facility (5+ hours Southeast of Edmonton) was connected directly to the Alberta SuperNet, and then Pengrowth’s network was extended South via a 40 km hop to another facility, and extended further to a third facility. Challenges existed on the 40 km hop as a temporary tower was required to ensure the network transfer occurred in time. As a result a temporary hop of Motorola non-line-of-site radios was required until a 120 ft Super Titan Tower could be sourced and installed. When the 120 ft tower was installed the Proxim GX32 microwave equipment was installed to standardize the deployment.

Trout Mountain, Alberta - Two hops of Proxim GX32 Radio were deployed, utilizing existing Pengrowth tower infrastructure at a repeater location to provide services to the Trout Battery site (5+ hours North of Edmonton).

Big Valley, Alberta - A single hop of microwave was deployed to connect the Big Valley SuperNet Location to the Pengrowth Fenn Facility.


Pengrowth partnered with Vista Telecom Networks who assumed responsibility for the full scope of the project from initial feasibility studies through final integration and testing of the new WAN Extensions. Vista was able to extend services to include deployment of Layer 3 Cisco Switch equipment at SuperNet Locations and Pengrowth end sites, saving Pengrowth time and money in deploying Network Layer Technicians to these remote areas of Alberta. Vista Telco Grade Equipment Installers and Tower Crews were also able to self perform installation activities at all Axia SuperNet locations ensuring there were no project delays due to third party contractor requirements.

Vista had the staffing bandwidth to work in multiple areas simultaneously, ensuring the time sensitive deadlines were met with time to spare. The Pengrowth network transition and WAN extensions were completely successful integrating new facilities on time and under budget. The overall solution, while meeting critical timelines, also significantly improved the network performance at Pengrowth Rural Facilities while notably reducing monthly recurring costs.

The reliability and performance of the Vista solution resulted in Vista being awarded a contract to maintain Pengrowth’s wireless broadband infrastructure.

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