Increases in operational efficiency, security, and competitiveness of communities are enabled through information, which is obtained more efficiently by using highly flexible and scalable broadband wireless communication systems – including WiFi in schools and campuses.

Municipal, provincial, rural and federal governments continually strive for efficiencies within their organizations, safety for their citizens, and for the competitiveness of their communities. Vista will help you achieve these goals using Broadband Wireless technology as an enabler. Broadband Wireless Networks provides wireless high-speed data transfers to support applications such as:

  • Video surveillance of roads, bus shelters, trains and buses
  • Wi-Fi in schools providing portable connectivity for students and teachers to enhance education
  • Local and Wide Area Network (LAN & WAN)) extensions between buildings and sites
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) for efficiency and safety
  • Remote broadband Internet access to schools for enhancing education
  • Internet distribution within rural communities
  • Municipal Area Networks (MAN) providing a Wide Area Network (WAN) for:
    • Inter-office communications
    • Mobile communications for emergency and service vehicles
    • Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)
    • Surveillance systems for security

All levels of government can access significant benefits for their community with the above applications, through Vista’s Broadband Wireless Networks. Vista provides turnkey Broadband Wireless Infrastructure that includes:

              With decades of experience in deploying highly reliable Broadband Wireless Infrastructure for telecommunications carriers, Vista’s world-class installations start with strong wireless network planning and engineering, and “clean” and reliable wireless equipment installations. This expertise is applied to all of Vista’s wireless projects and services to ensure the delivery of reliable high performance wireless networks.

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