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Broadband wireless communications enable greater efficiency, reliability, and security of production for diverse geographical sites that support production and transmission of oil and gas.

Achieve greater efficiency in oil and gas operations with a Broadband Wireless Network from Vista by introducing broadband connectivity for data, video, Internet access, and voice to remote, underserviced, or un-serviced sites. Broadband Wireless Networks are cost effective and more capable than ever, providing the oil and gas industry with the flexibility, scalability, and opportunities to reduce costs and introduce more applications.

Vista will design, install and manage Broadband Wireless Network infrastructure projects to provide remote access for many oil and gas applications, including:

  • Video surveillance for security and remote worker monitoring
  • Remote Internet access
  • Production data access
  • Performance improvement
  • Telemetry
  • Tank level inventories
  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
  • Wireless data backhauling

To meet the requirements of the oil and gas industry, Vista supports several Broadband Wireless Network applications:

      Vista supports VHF/UHF wireless networks for SCADA applications as well, providing radio, repeater, and antenna installation and maintenance support.

      With decades of experience in deploying highly reliable broadband wireless infrastructure for telecommunications carriers, Vista’s world-class installations start with strong wireless network planning and engineering, and “clean” and reliable wireless equipment installations. This expertise is applied to all of Vista’s wireless projects and services to ensure the delivery of reliable high performance wireless networks.

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