The growing demand for “everything mobile” is fuelling the growth in usage of Smartphones and other mobile devices, requiring Telcos to upgrade networks including broadband wireless infrastructure.

In the highly competitive telecommunications carrier market, telecommunications companies (Telcos) must compete to obtain and retain customers - customers who want reliability and capability. Vista is a market leader providing Telcos with world-class Wireless Broadband Infrastructure with leading-edge technology. By partnering with Vista to deploy wireless telecommunications solutions, Telcos gain a competitive edge to grow their customer base.

Vista is recognized as a leader in quality, ensuring that projects are done right the first time, keeping maintenance costs down and stability high. For telecommunications carriers Vista offers Multi-hop Microwave Backhauls or Temporary Wireless Networks with services including:

Vista’s expertise in telecommunications is based on decades of deploying highly reliable microwave wireless infrastructure. Vista’s world-class installations start with strong microwave network planning & engineering and “clean” and reliable microwave equipment installations. This expertise is applied to all of Vista’s wireless projects to ensure the delivery of reliable high performance wireless networks.

Vista’s capabilities are supported with

  • Proven project management processes
  • Offices and warehouses where pre-deployment design and testing occurs
  • Stringent inventory control to prevent project delays

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