Engineering & Design

If proper radio path engineering is performed, high reliability in microwave radio networks can be achieved consistently. Proper engineering at the beginning of a project will help to save money, meet schedule commitments, and maximize performance. Vista employs RF Engineers and Radio Frequency (RF) path engineering software to ensure that the goals of your microwave project are achieved.

Vista performs site surveys at the termination points requiring broadband wireless service, and then determines the optimal path and path options to provide customers with a microwave communications link. Whether the link requires a single hop or multiple hops, Vista uses terrain maps and GPS location receivers to ensure that accurate topography is used to feed the design process. Included in the information gathering are antenna and building heights at the termination sites, forest canopy heights, and information about existing towers in the area to determine if space can be leased at existing tower sites to minimize infrastructure costs.

Once site surveys, topography, optional tower sites, and building height information have been gathered, the data is fed into RF path design software. This information, along with RF equipment performance specifications, allows the Vista RF Engineers and the path design software to provide one or more path options so that a high performance network can be obtained while all commercial issues are also considered.

Once the optimal path is selected and if a tower lease or land acquisition is necessary (for new tower construction), Vista can manage the acquisition. If required, Vista will also obtain a radio license from Industry Canada.

The end result of Vista’s RF engineering and design process is a well-documented path design that includes site and tower details, antenna and radio recommendations, and antenna placement specifications. Vista’s due diligence and preparation effort at the front end of the project will ensure that the back end will consist of confident verification of network performance that is followed by years of high network availability.

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