Network Installations

When installing a new or upgraded microwave backhaul or private wireless network, the last thing customers need is an equipment compatibility problem or equipment defect when the network is complete and “turned up”.  Issues such as this cause delays in deployment schedules, reduce performance and increase costs.

Once the Radio Frequency (RF) path engineering is complete and hardware acquired, Vista performs warehouse inventory checks and pre-deployment integration testing in its state-of-the-art Integration Test Labs. This step in the installation phase is taken to ensure:

  • All components are compatible
  • There are no equipment defects, and
  • There are no configuration issues.

The goal of this testing is to ensure that the network is functional prior to installation to avoid schedule delays, delay in revenue, and higher installation costs.

Once integration testing is complete, Vista’s highly trained installation technicians use industry best practices to install the network components. This includes following proper safety procedures for antenna installation and steering, and using proper cable routing and tying techniques.

Installation is complete once the network components have been installed, configured, and tested. Vista performs further rigorous testing prior to network commissioning, and this includes testing for:

  • Bit Error Rate (BER)
  • Fade tolerance
  • Standby power capacity
  • Frequency accuracy
  • Threshold settings
  • Alarm and management system configuration
  • Network configuration

Vista manages wireless network installation projects, from start to finish and provides customers with world-class high availability networks.

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