Network Video Systems

Vista’s IP-based Network Video Surveillance Systems provide high resolution images that enable easier identification and video analytics applications to more effectively:

  • Reduce losses,
  • Mitigate risks,
  • Improve security, and
  • Work more efficiently

Vista uses Network Video because of the advantages over analog systems including:

  • Video analytics
  • Higher image quality
  • Superior scalability
  • Remote servicing over IP networks (adjustments and diagnosis over network)
  • Easier trouble-shooting
  • Highly flexible deployments that are often less expensive and with downward pricing trends

Vista provides systems that either use 100% Network Video Technology or hybrid systems that begin the technology migration from analog video surveillance systems to digital IP-based Network Video Surveillance Systems. Components provided include a range of network (IP-based) video cameras, digital storage devices, encoders and decoders to support legacy analog systems, digital video recorders, and video management systems.

Vista educates clients on the capabilities and options available with Network Video Surveillance Systems to help clients determine appropriate objectives before proceeding with the network design. Vista then designs the Video Surveillance System to meet the client’s needs, leveraging existing IT infrastructure as much as possible while meeting the client’s objectives. Recommendations are provided that may include recommended cameras (including megapixel cameras), analog encoders, decoders, digital video recorders, storage devices, and video management systems. Once the Video Surveillance System components have been identified and purchased, Vista’s highly trained installation team will install, test, and commission the network using many of the same best practices used in our radio Network Installations.

To ensure that your Network Video Surveillance System continues to provide reliable service, Vista provides technical support and maintenance services. We will even provide Managed Services whereby your network health is monitored 24x7 to ensure that all components will be functioning when they are most needed.

Call us toll free at 1.800.452.1295 or email us to discuss your Network Video Surveillance System requirements and a solution that is optimized for your specific needs.

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