Power Systems

Vista specifies and installs power systems that support Broadband Wireless Networks. It is well known within electronics design that a circuit is only as good as the power supply supporting it. The same can be said about power systems that support wireless network radios and electronics. Microwave backhauls and cellular base stations will only be as good as the power systems that support them.

Microwave backhaul, private wireless network, and base station equipment utilize DC power systems that provide 24V, 48V, and\or 60V DC power. To ensure that there is adequate power to operate the telecommunications equipment reliably at all times, power budgets must be created while considering operating temperature, operating modes, network loading, and in-rush currents. From these power budgets, appropriate DC power supply equipment is selected to meet the power requirements of an installation site – including equipment for back-up power. Batteries, UPS systems, chargers and monitors are all common components of a working power system, with appropriate equipment selection starting from the power budget.

With the power budget and the required duration of operation on standby power known, a back-up battery plant capacity can be determined so that an appropriate battery solution can be obtained. Given that the battery plant is typically composed of large lead acid batteries there is considerable weight involved, so designers need to consider the nature of the structures that are available to support the battery plant. Special reinforcements and brackets may be required.

Vista also offers maintenance support contracts to ensure that power systems and networks perform consistently and reliably.

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