Structured Cabling

“70% of all service calls are cable related, 80% of the time on-site by service technicians is spent locating the relevant cable path”
Cabling Systems Magazine, Dec. 2001

This quote from a leading industry publication is a compelling reminder that highlights the need for proper cable management.  Proper Structured Cabling results in better network availability and lower maintenance costs and will improve business performance.


What is Structured Cabling?

Structure Cabling refers to the professional design and installation of the telecommunications cable infrastructure used within buildings and campuses. The professional nature of the design and installation is enabled with the ANSI/TIA/EIA standards for copper and optical fibre cabling, and if these standards are followed an easily maintained, high performance, and reliable network results.

Cabling is planned in separate structured elements or subsystems, to aid in the planning and design of the network. Structured cabling subsystems are categorized by the different function they serve within the overall network and include:

  • Entrance Facilities - connect the building to the outside world
  • Equipment Rooms - house servers
  • Telecommunications Rooms - house telecommunication equipment
  • Backbone Cabling - connect entrance facilities, equipment & telecommunications rooms
  • Horizontal Cabling - connect telecommunication & server rooms to outlets on floors

In spite of the installation and design standards mentioned above, documentation plays a very significant role in ensuring that the network is easily maintained or modified. The responsibility for this critical piece of work rests with the designers and installers. More importantly, proper documentation will reduce maintenance and repair costs.

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